ACADEMIC SOCIAL ACTION COLLECTIVE (ASAC) highlights the different approaches International Schools utilize to create social change in their communities and instill students with a lasting social consciousness. In addition to collecting pertinent feedback from teachers, administrators and students, our collective also proposes and implements innovative service learning strategies for International Schools to create their own effective social action strategies.

Why are social action projects important? Programs rooted in the concept of service learning not only provide activities that benefit the community but also foster critical thinking, encourage a sense of self-efficacy and self-worth, and cultivate responsible attitudes and behaviors in the participants themselves.

In addition to the in-depth information provided on this site, the ASAC blog provides pertinent updates from the field and fields submissions from schools, students, programs or teachers looking to enter the discussion or add their feedback regarding their social action experience to our database. ASAC also offers consulting services for International Schools looking to create or improve social action strategies.