Background on ASAC and Founder Adam Carter

In sixteen years of international experience, ASAC Founder Adam Carter has traveled, worked and studied in over ninety countries. He obtained an Honor's Degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Michigan (1996); while in college, he also studied in Sesto Fiorentino, Italy and volunteered with programs such as Best Buddies and Muscular Dystrophy Camp. He also organized an "Alternative Spring Break," bringing 10 students to the Pine Ridge Lakota Sioux Indian Reservation for a service learning trip. He traveled through Asia, Africa and the Middle East for two years upon graduation, while completing independent study classes at the College of DuPage in Illinois.

After obtaining his Master’s in International Relations from George Washington University (2001) in Washington, DC,  Adam was awarded a Fulbright scholarship in Spain, where he studied the socio-economic effects of immigration in Spain. He traveled to Colombia on behalf of UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) during that country's civil war to research the plight of the internally-displaced people there. During this experience and in previous travels, he observed that the conventional development institutions, though well-intentioned, were often run in a top-down manner and were not addressing the community's needsin an effective manner.

He decided to engage in his own grass-roots fundraising to pursue a more direct-needs approach called "micro-philanthropy." He began by assisting children’s community centers in Brazil and delivered the funds raised in the most efficient and direct manner possible. "No overhead, no bureaucracy, no wait" became his guiding mantra. His abilities were developed by his mentor Marc Gold, Director of 100 Friends Project, which gave Adam the opportunity to expand his activism into the classroom, as he and Marc worked directly with schools around the world. In so doing, Adam gave many presentations to schools and developed programs to integrate American school groups into his humanitarian projects. As he scaled up his fundraising and level of giving, he created his own non-profit organization Cause & Affect Foundation in 2009. Cause & Affect Foundation is an accredited 501-c-3 tax-deductible non-profit that has done work in Africa, US, Asia, Central America, the Middle East and South America. See recent projects on their blog here.

In the years since, he has delivered aid in 14 countries over 4 continents and has spoken to primary schools, high schools, junior colleges and universities. He was the Keynote Speaker at Valparaiso University’s S.A.L.T. Leadership Symposium and the Phi Beta Kappa Regional Convention; his work has been featured in books such as "The Power of Philanthropy," as well as several radio and television programs, blogs, as well as articles in publications such as the Chicago Tribune and Parade Magazine and web programs too. He is currently teaching social studies and history at Schutz American School in Alexandria, Egypt where he has also helped design a new class called "Connect," which is focused on project-based learning and global collaboration projects. He has inspired kids from around the world with his humanitarian work, his can-do attitude and by embodying the idea that one person can indeed make a difference. Adam is committed to unleashing young student’s potential in becoming leaders and making a difference in their communities and beyond.

For tips on how to instill Global Citizenship in students, see Adam's article in Global Education Magazine. 

Here is Adam's speech at the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Arkansas as part of their Distinguished Speaker Series.

 What follows is an excerpt from Adam's "interview tomorrow's leaders today" series with Capture Your Flag:

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