Adobe Youth Voices


The Adobe Youth Voices program aims to empower youth around the world by promoting hands-on media prodution as a means to communicate their ideas and create positive change in their communities.

The Youth Voices Program aims to allow each young person tell their personal story. To accomplish this, they provide the tools they need to create their own media presentations, as well as training and forums to lead them through the creative process. Once kids can "Create With Purpose," they will become engaged in social change by having a voice in the dialogue and exposing their local reality. 

The program is based on the following principles (as posted on their website)

  • Engage: Creating spaces for youth to think critically and engage in meaningful media-making.
  • Enhance: Offering professional development opportunities to youth and educators through training, capacity-building, and exposure to 21st century tools.
  • Exhibit: Ensuring that the work produced by youth artists is given international visibility and showcased innovatively.

 To see some examples of Global Voice Projects, we recommend taking a look at this online gallery (administered by TakingITGlobal); the gallery features multimedia projects created by youth around the globe aged 13-18. The diverse perspectives shed light in many of the contemporary issues that affect young people in all over the world.


Interested teachers or school administrators that are enthusiastic about using digital media into a youth development context can apply to become a Youth Voices practitioner. If chosen, they will receive the tools and training needed to implement the program in their school. 

Two people from each school are assigned to lead the program. These two are trained to be Adobe Voices educators. It is interesting to note that while ASAC is targeting teachers for these opportunities, these Youth Voice educators can be teachers, youth workers, media experts, or simply people who are passionate about innovation, community development, and youth engagement. This is an important distinction as one teacher can look for someone outside the school that shares the passion for this project as their partner to do the training and carry out the program. 

TakingITGlobal provides educators with 8 weeks of training, which is an e-course that runs asynchronously and provides educators with tools and resources to run the program locally. Educators are expected to facilitate youth’s critical exploration of key issues with the use of digital tools.

Once educators are equipped to deliver the program, they go on to integrate media programming into their work. Educators facilitate a process that allows young people to create multimedia projects that deliver their ideas and messages to the world.


All the successful partner organizations will receive:

  • Training: Online training to develop critical thinking and digital media skills.
  • Software: A donation of Adobe's powerful multimedia software (Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Elements).
  • Access to resources: Plently of resources to advance software skills, international exhibition opportunities, program development support, and exciting curricula.
  • Network: Connections with a global network of educators and organizations who share a passion for leveraging youth potential.
  • Funding: A modest stipend from the Adobe Foundation to run local youth projects smoothly and effectively.
Youth Voices also produces a magazine called "Perspectives." The .pdf version of the most recent issue can be viewed here.
(Adobe Youth Voices is being delivered though the TakingITGlobal platform).