iEARN (International Education and Resource Network)

iEARN is a non-profit organization that brings together more than 30,000 schools and youth organizations fromaround the world to collaborate togther online. Their site boasts that over 2,000,000 students each day in more than 140 countries are engaged in collaborative project work worldwide.

 iEARN aims to empower teachers and students to worktogether, harnessing digital technology to achieve positive change. iEARN International is a non-profit non-governmental organization registered and based in Spain. 2013 marks their 25 year anniversary.

Since 1988, they have facilitated on-line school linkages to enable students to engage in forward-thinking educational projects with peers around the world.

iEARN projects (now over 150 in all) are all designed and operated by teachers and students to fit their curriculum and classroom needs and schedules. Projects take place in the iEARN Collaboration Centre which is a web portal they created to facilitate these exchanges. Interested schools can simply select an online project and figure out how best to integrate it into their classroom.

In this sense, schools can become involved with ongoing projects from classrooms around the globe. Though iEARN projects hit upon many important themes, they are generally focused around the essential question,  "How will this project improve the quality of life on the planet?"  This vision drives the projects and goes hand-in-hand with their mission to enable young people to become global citizens. 


Interested teachers or administrators can complete their online registration form to request more information or register with the site in order to access iEARN's Project Collaboration Centre. This information will then be passed along to the iEARN Coordinator in your country. You can also View this list of iEARN Country Coordinators to find contact information for the iEARN program in your country. 

If no coordinator exists in your country, contact iEARN's Executive Council (elected representatives of iEARN's Global Assembly) at: ec @