What We Do

In an effort to provide assistance to school administrators, teachers and students, ASAC utilizes a three-pronged strategy:

1. Collect research: Since many schools utilize different approaches to their global collaboration programs, ASAC provides a clearinghouse to collect and document these strategies, and to analyze their successes and limitations. 

2.Seek Unified Solutions: Initiatives such as the Global Issues Network have created networks within the International Schools in an attempt to create a global framework for schools to integrate their social action strategies. There are also regional associations of International Schools that have serious potential in combining forces and implementing unified strategies to allow students to create lasting social change. ASAC gives these platforms a forum to exchange ideas, seek out new partner schools, while also providing the space for other solutions to be proposed and implemented.

3. Develop & Implement our ASAC Strategy: Based on years of experience, ASAC has developed its own Social Action Strategy, which marries some of the most efficient and successful approaches in current use with innovative ways of engaging students from a primary to high school level. Our model is already being implemented by an International School and is available for other schools to adopt as well.